Overnight Oats vs Cooking Oats, Which ne is Better? - My Recipe

Overnight Oats vs Cooking Oats, Which ne is Better?

Overnight Oats vs Cooking Oats, Which ne is Better?
Hello guys, did you know what are overnight oats and cooking oats? Overnight oats are oats that are soaked in liquid (can be with water, milk or yogurt) all night, can be added to various toppings ranging from chia seeds, fruit, syrup, chocolate, and so on. As the name suggests, this overnight oats can be prepared the night before and is ready to eat the next day without the need for additional preparation.

Overnight Oats vs Cooking Oats, Which ne is Better?
The concept of overnight oats is actually almost the same as regular cooking oats. The dried grain of wheat is allowed to absorb water to expand and become soft, making it ready to eat. The difference is that overnight oats do not use heat to speed up the process, as is the case with cooking oats.

The difference between overnight oats and cooking oats aside from the way they are prepared, but also in terms of the nutrition they contain. Oats will lose some nutritional content after going through the cooking process, especially using hot temperatures.

Which is healthier ???
Overnight oats are somewhat easier to digest than cooking oats. Because the starch found in wheat will decay during the overnight soak, making it more easily digested and absorbed by the body.
In terms of nutrition, besides containing almost twice as many macronutrients as cooking oats, overnight oats also contain various vitamins and minerals that are good for the body.

Overnight oats also contain beta-glucans which can help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Therefore, overnight oats can help prevent us from the risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, and the risk of heart disease.

Both marinated and cooked, oats both have many health benefits for the body. However, the overnight oats nutritional content was allegedly richer compared to cooking oats.

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